Apply for Membership

This page is for new joiners only. If you are already a CILA member and wish to renew your subscription, please click here:

Renew Your Subscription

New Joiners

There are two categories of membership - Ordinary and Student - and the correct category for you will depend on the type of company you work for. Please select the appropriate category by clicking one of the links below. Note that membership runs from January - December, so if you join the Institute in mid year your membership will renew the following January.

Once you have submitted your application online you will be contacted by the Institute within 5 working days to confirm your membership number. If you hold a professional qualification you will be asked to provide a copy of the associated certificate.

IFAA Associate Membership
If you are a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma member of the CILA you can now join IFAA as an Associate (or renew your subscription for 2020) for a fee of £15.

IFAA Fellow Membership
If you are a Fellow, Associate or Certified Member of the CILA you can join IFAA as a Fellow (or renew your subscription for 2020) for a fee of £25.

Ordinary Membership
The first category of membership is Ordinary Member. Anyone who is working for a loss adjusting firm or company can apply for Ordinary Membership.

Student Membership
If you are not employed at a loss adjuster, e.g. you work for an Insurance Company or Broker, you can enrol as a Student of the Institute provided you intend to take our exams.